American Beauty Haul feat. Sephora, Macy’s and CVS

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I know it has been over a month since I came back from my Honeymoon to the USA – Boston, Washington DC, and Provincetown on Cape Cod- but getting my energy and momentum back up to renew my blogging schedule has been a challenge, I won’t lie. That being said, I am gradually getting back on it and you can look forward to some posts soon all about where I visited on my recent USA trip so do stay tuned (and follow me on Bloglovin’ or my other channels so you don’t miss them!).

It’ll be worth highlighting here that like my Trek America trip a couple of years ago, my holiday budget was more on doing things, than it was for shopping.


USA Beauty Haul – CVS, Macy’s and Sephora

American Beauty Haul Sephora

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BBC Drama Three Girls & Sara Rowbotham for MBE

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As regular readers and followers of ClaireySweetie, and/or any of my other social channels, there is no denying the fact that I am opinionated and do not shy away from topics others might be too weary to post about (General election 2017: Social media and pushing opinions; Too scared to speak out [against Trump]). Equally, I am passionate about doing good, particularly when it comes to the environment, and raising money for charity (like swimming across Weymouth Harbour on Christmas Day). I think it is important to put our voices to things that matter and there is a campaign I would really like your support in pushing.

BBC Drama – Three Girls

Back in May (2017), the BBC aired three-part drama, Three Girls, which covered the story about the Rochdale child sex abuse ring, and how authorities failed hundreds of young girls by not taking seriously their allegations of rape, believing them to be unreliable witnesses. Eventually, 12 British Pakistani men were brought to justice but new evidence continues to be investigated.

The drama was harrowing and if Twitter was anything to go by, many people –myself included- were emotionally distraught by what we saw.

So here’s what I would like your help with –

Sara Rowbotham - BBC Three Girls

Sara Rowbotham for MBE

Sara Rowbotham was the Sexual Health Worker who campaigned tirelessly for years to the authorities to take notice about what was happening in Rochdale to young girls, but no one listened. It was not until a few years later that the authorities acknowledged their failings and worked with Rowbotham and the girls to bring the gang to justice.

When viewers watched the final episode, we were all delighted that a positive result had been achieved and there were early calls for Sara Rowbotham to be publicly acknowledged for her work. Then, as the episode came to a close and the credits began to roll, viewers learned that following the case, understandably the stress of it all had had an impact on her, but horrifyingly, Sara was made redundant from her senior role. To say Twitter was outraged was an understatement and my own personal anger really took hold. But we can still do good. A campaign has been set up to get Sara Rowbotham awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance it has of succeeding. It takes 30 seconds of your time to click this link, sign the petition, and share it on.

Here’s that link again –

I will be happy to personally thank each and every one of you that lets me know you have signed the petition, either in the comments, or if you respond to my tweet about this post. Please let this campaign be a success.

Thank you x


Cocktails, Delicious Food & Laid-Back Dining at The Botanist Reading

Hey Sweeties,

A couple of weeks ago I attended a pre-launch evening at Reading’s newest restaurant, The Botanist, located on King Street.

The Botanist, a concept like no other, offers an award-winning selection of botanical inspired cocktails, craft beers and ales along with an extensive dining menu.

The Botanist offers over 80 different beers and ales from around the world. The pub chain even brews two of their own ales, Passionate Blonde and Pacific Pale Ale. 

My husband and I were a tad early for our dinner reservation, which was no bad thing as it allowed us to head to the bar and try out some of the extensive cocktail menu. I had happened to have a bit of a stressful day at work and even though part of me wanted to curl up at home and feel sorry for myself, an evening out at The Botanist Reading proved a great distraction.


As I was the designated driver for the evening (earnt some top wife points), I could only try one alcoholic cocktail before switching to the alcohol-free options. The menu of options was endless and if you are a gin lover then The Botanist (Reading) is definitely somewhere you need to spend an evening. As it turns out, I am not hugely into gin but I adore a Mojito and The Botanist Reading offers three versions, I decided to try the Plum and Thai Basil Mojito (seen below on the left) and I can report it was delicious.

The Botanist Reading

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New in at The Body Shop: Drops of Youth – Youth Fresh Emulsion SPF20 PA+++

Hey Sweeties,

I recently received the Youth Fresh Emulsion* from the Drops of Youth range to try out and review from The Body Shop. The only product from this range I had tried previously was the Youth Liquid Peel (here), and having got on well with it, I was intrigued to try more from the range, which aims to tackle the first signs of ageing.

When I first saw the product and read the word, ‘emulsion’ I was ready to dismiss it as just another product to unnecessarily add into my skincare routine, that probably does the same job as something else already on my bathroom shelf. In addition, I really dislike products whose title makes me question what I am actually supposed to do with it, ‘emulsion’ being one of them.

Youth Fresh Emulsion - Drops of Youth

Drops of Youth – Youth Fresh Emulsion

With an infusion of thyme and buddleia extracts and broad spectrum coverage using UVA and UVB filters, we’ve created an effective but ultra-light daily emulsion to help protect against pollution and enhance skin’s youthful appearance. This protective formula hydrates your skin and can be used as your daily moisturiser or in addition to it. First lines and signs of tired skin appear reduced, while pores and skin texture look refined.

Youth Fresh Emulsion - Drops of Youth

The Packaging

I have to hand it to The Body Shop, I do not think I am yet to receive or purchase a product from them that I dislike the packaging. The Drops of Youth, Youth Fresh Emulsion comes in an attractive green glass bottle with a good pump attached to it for distributing product; it looks great on its own and it looks great sat on my bathroom shelf. I also like that you can see the product inside so you won’t get caught out when it’s empty.

Youth Fresh Emulsion - Drops of Youth

Youth Fresh Emulsion - Drops of Youth

Youth Fresh Emulsion - Drops of Youth

The Product

Despite my comments earlier about not being all that keen on the word, ‘emulsion’ I liked this Youth Fresh Emulsion product pretty much from the first use. The instructions state to apply 1-2 pumps onto fingertips and massage onto your face every morning, which I have found easy to incorporate alongside my existing skincare, and I love the ultra-lightweight formula.

At the moment I’ve got to be honest, I have great skin –redness in the morning and the odd breakout, sure, but on the whole right now I do feel my skin looks good. The fact that I keep getting asked for ID every time I try and buy a bottle of wine at my local ASDA when I’m wearing little to no makeup, is probably testament to the youthful element of these products and amen to that, ha!

Have you guys tried any of the Drops of Youth range from The Body Shop?

Until next time x



General Election 2017: Social Media & Pushing Opinions

Hey Sweeties,

Imagine if social media didn’t exist and people actually had to make a decision about who to vote for in the General Election, entirely by themselves. Imagine! I love social media, I love the discussion it can generate and the virtual communities it can create. But, I HATE social media around elections & f****** Brexit as suddenly all these people I like, follow and are friends with turn into these pushy individuals that do nothing but force their opinions onto everyone else. No discussion, no debate, just, “vote my way because if you don’t you’re (*insert judgement*).

General Election 2017

There is nothing wrong with sharing opinions, hell, that is what I do myself every day, but be constructive, encourage discussion, understand yourself what you are actually preaching (as in, fact check), and be willing to consider another point of view. Politics is as old as time itself, and it will always divide people because we each value and care about different things.

The thing about the General Election that worries me the most is the amount of people who will decide their vote based on what they see in their social feeds and in the media, rather than actually researching the policies proposed by each of the parties for themselves. Politics is confusing, and it can be hard to get your head around, but you need to be sure that the box you tick on the ballot paper is the right one for you. For me this is the first time I am not voting as an individual, I am voting as a married woman and I have to consider how my vote (as well as other peoples) will affect the next four-five years or more, which may/may not have an impact on my family life.

General Election 2017

In this General Election there are really only two parties in play, Labour and the Conservatives. One promises to keep us strong and stable, but its recent spending cuts from the public sector is making people angry, particularly in light of recent terror attacks. And then you have this loud group on the left who seem to be saying all the right things but whose spending is wild against the opposition.

I was saying on Twitter the other day at how I do not understand why there is no balance, there feels to be a real lack of middle ground representation. You’re either rich and Tory or poor and Labour. (Read image bottom to top)


You have to seriously question where all the money ‘saved’ through the cuts is being collected, but equally work out where all this money to pump £30bn into the NHS, and wiping university tuition fees (which is an estimated £11bn by the way) will come from. People need to be questioning this more rather than just voting for how good/bad it sounds. And four new Bank Holiday days? Is no one questioning the cost to business here? Great for us working people, sure, but again, these things cost money, which has to come from somewhere and I am sorry, but you can’t just use taxing as a solution.

Rather than believing everything your friends and people you follow are sharing, take 10 minutes to look over the manifestos yourself before your vote on Thursday; this guide on the BBC News website is a great impartial look at what each party is proposing.

Anyway, I just wanted to get something posted about the General Election because I have all these thoughts and questions whirling around my head that I just needed to expel.

I would be really interested to know what you guys think about what I’ve shared above, but also on your thoughts more generally about the General Election so please do let me know either in the comments, or on Twitter. But vote, please vote if you registered!

Until next time x