2018 Goals – Twelve New Months for Success, Experiences and Growth

Hey Sweeties,

I don’t know about you, but I still haven’t really adjusted to it being a new year already, I’m still in conversation saying “next year” as opposed to “in a couple of months”, and I can’t really handle that 2017 is now “last year”. Mental!

If you cast your mind back to last summer and my post about my evening at the Deliciously Ella Supper Club, I stayed overnight locally at the Half Moon pub at Herne Hill. I didn’t get a good opportunity to share the photos from that stay so I thought I would include them in this post while I share my 2018 goals.

2018 Goals – Twelve New Months for Success and Experiences

2018 goals | The Half Moon Pub Herne Hill

1. More Time Off

I identified a real need for more time off, and so this year -the first of my 2018 goals- is to put that into plan by ensuring I always have trips and long weekends to look forward to, really making the most of my annual leave. 2018 so far consists of Cardiff (to watch The Script), Cambridge, Edinburgh, and a week’s holiday in Mexico for my brother-in-law’s wedding!

What other UK destinations can you recommend for a weekend break away?

2018 goals | The Half Moon Pub Herne Hill

2. More Blogging

As I mentioned in my recent 2017 reflections post, ClaireySweetie was doing well last year and this needs to continue and then some. I’ve had a bit of a break the last couple of months and it’s time to get back on it!

With that in mind, if this is your first time here, may I draw your attention to the right hand side of this page where you will find all the ways in which to follow me… I’ll give you a moment to do that.

…. Courtesy moment to follow me ….

3. Career 101 -New Regular Feature on ClaireySweetie

Reflecting on ClaireySweetie and thinking about the type of content I feel I can add the most value to you dear Sweeties, in addition to writing about just about whatever the hell I like (because us Bloggers can), is to focus more on career advice. I love my beauty posts and reviewing new products for you, but do I really know what I am talking about? no. I can tell you sister to sister if the product works and I like/dislike it, but I’m a bit useless at really understanding formulas and supplying the more in-depth information some of you might want. However, I have worked full time since I was 18, and I have a lot of experience to share on the career front which I will hope you will find of benefit. Anything specific you would like me to cover? Please let me know in the comments (and please follow me if you are not already, thank you so much)!

2018 goals | The Half Moon Pub Herne Hill

4. New Job

I had a new job in October but for reasons that will only but fuel much of the new Career 101 category I just spoke about (yay for you!), I am seeking a new opportunity already. Stay tuned!

2018 goals | The Half Moon Pub Herne Hill

2018 goals | The Half Moon Pub Herne Hill

5. Family, Friends and new People

Always make time for family. Always make time for friends. Make an effort to re-engage with old friends and acquaintances, and never turn down the opportunity to meet new people…. because you never know what might happen!

2018 goals | The Half Moon Pub Herne Hill

6. Me time

I mean, it’s said every year but every year it becomes more important to ensure time is spent on you for you. For me this is coffee dates with moi, going to the cinema (it’s really not scary going alone), and days out in new places when the opportunity arises. As I have said before in previous posts (like this one), learning to be your own best friend is something everyone should master.

2018 goals | The Half Moon Pub Herne Hill

2018 goals | The Half Moon Pub Herne Hill

What 2018 goals are you setting yourself this year? I hope this is a great year for you all!

Until next time x



  1. Serene 14th January 2018 / 5:47 pm

    Awwww I’m sending love and positivity to your new year lovely, and Happy New Year (belated) 😀 I need me time too hahaha!


    Serene xoxo


    • Claire 16th January 2018 / 3:56 pm

      And to you!! xx

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