About ClaireySweetie

Hello and welcome to my blog, ClaireySweetie, here’s a little bit about me

I’m Claire, a Senior Content Marketing Executive by day & a Lifestyle Blogger by night. I am 30 years old and based in Berkshire/the South East of the United Kingdom.

I began ClaireySweetie in the Winter of 2013, although I have been blogging since around 2009 elsewhere. I absolutely love writing which is injected directly into my blog, and when I am not busy thinking up new post ideas, drafting and scheduling content, I like to keep active, read, shop and sit in coffee shops people watching.

My vision for my blog is for it to be a genuine and honest space on the internet where I can discuss and engage in a range of topics and ideas but mainly my content falls under beauty, lifestyle, fashion and girl talk… so expect a little bit of everything! I am also really interested in exploring organic and cruelty-free beauty and skincare.

I choose to engage with my readers by calling them, Sweeties -why? Because for me it’s both affectionate and a way of creating an intimate community. I like to use this space as a way to communicate with my readers in a big sisterly way, seeing my posts as an opportunity to talk openly and share advice, whether that’s about a new lipstick I think they’ll love, or about something deeper that I think they’ll appreciate being informed on that I can discuss based on my own experiences. Either way, I like to be approachable, relatable, honest and transparent with my content and I hope this comes across. Ultimately people need to follow me for my words, and not my pictures -my passion is writing, remember.

I am very keen to connect with brands and other bloggers, particularly for opportunities to work together so please feel free to connect with me, I would love to hear from you! claireway9@hotmail.co.uk