NARS Glossybox Review | Blogmas Day 1

Hey Sweeties,

I can’t remember exactly when I first heard about the quite possibly and definitely arguably most exciting collaboration of 2015, but I am sure it was months ago and the wait has been agonising. But it’s here, it’s finally here, the Nars Glossybox has landed!

NARS Glossybox

It’s very rare that I find myself in a queue that will see me compete with others to get my hands on something first, I don’t even get into bidding wars on eBay that much so this was serious. Having registered my interest with Glossybox I was sent a link that would allow us early birds an exclusive pre-sale opportunity to get the much sought after box, and despite a small problem with the link that got me sweating in worry, I did finally get through and make my purchase in the nick of time. Reports suggest that the box sold out within 27 minutes!

So what was all the fuss about? Well, it was this…

NARS Glossybox

Now, I don’t know about you but I am guessing that most of the people that wanted this box, don’t own many or any products from NARS? I’m the former of the two, before this box I have only had one other NARS product in my collection which was another of their satin lip pencils that I purchased in my American haul a month ago. So this box for me was a perfect opportunity to broaden my collection and try out the hero products the brand champions.

NARS Glossybox

Audacious Mascara – As you guys know, I struggle to fork out for high-end mascaras. Every now and again I’ll try one and it’ll be amazing, but not so amazing that I would commit and this one from NARS is the same. It lengthens and defines my lashes fantastically and I’ll definitely be wearing it across the holiday season but as for afterwards, I think unlikely as I just cannot justify spending £21 when there are as good versions out there in Boots, Superdrug etc. Saying that, it could well be a contender for my wedding makeup so watch this space!

Larger than Life Eyeliner – I have never tried a high-end eyeliner pencil before, only in gel format so this is a totally new experience. As it is described, the formula is rich and creamy and it applies beautifully without pulling at the lid unnecessarily. It stays put. There is little if anything to find fault with and I think if you loved high-end makeup and wore it daily, this product wouldn’t be a bad shout.

The Multiple in Orgasm – I have so far just used this product on my cheeks and it provides a lovely fresh glow, arguably great for either winter or summer. It can also be used on eyes and lips of which I have yet to try.

Blush in Orgasm – So regular readers will know how much I love blushers and it is the one area (except for eye palettes) that I am more ok with splashing out in order to get hold of those really special pans of blush. At £23, this one certainly I don’t think brakes the bank and if you are after a natural flush to the cheeks in a product this is for you. Apparently it pairs beautifully with the Multiple by layering the blush on top of it for a ‘luminous, intense finish’ and I will certainly be trying this for my work Christmas party later this month.

Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien – As mentioned above, I already own one of the NARS satin lip pencils and it’s a gorgeous product so I am delighted at adding another to my collection. I am slightly disappointed though that we weren’t provided with a more impactful shade, but you can’t fundamentally go wrong with a nude and this one is very pretty. I just can’t be sure that I’ll reach for it as much as I will my other nude toned products, particularly over winter but ask me again next spring.

Overall, this is a fantastic box and anyone who has managed to get their hands on it will absolutely love these products without a doubt. I am definitely encouraged to take the plunge with more NARS products going forward, particularly their sheer glow foundation which I hear so many rave about.

Were any of you guys lucky enough to get this box or already tried any of the products listed above?

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