Experiencing my first Deep Cleansing Facial Beauty Treatment

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I don’t know about you guys, but I adore beauty treatments and spas; while I do my at-home skincare and things, nothing beats going somewhere else for a pamper in the hands of a professional. Recently I spoke of my enjoyment for shellac manicures; at Christmas, I experienced a full-body massage; I love going to the Nirvana Spa; and last year following my trip to the then new, Blush + Blow beauty bar , I went back a few weeks later for my first blow dry. For me beauty treatments are my way of giving myself some time out, some me-time.

Book Your Lifestyle is a website that helps you locate salons and spas near you, and I was fortunate to meet them recently at the Blogosphere Valentine’s event. Through Book Your Lifestyle, I found No.1 Hair and Beauty located in Shepherds Bush (and conveniently, next to Westfield Shopping mall), and experienced my first facial. Specifically, I tried the Deep Cleansing Facial (with blackhead removal)* which I was looking forward to because I have never had a facial, but have always been intrigued to.

Deep Cleansing Facial - No.1 Hair and Beauty

The Deep Cleansing Facial

Arriving at No.1 Hair and Beauty (which was easy to find along Uxbridge Road), although I was 10 minutes early, they were ready for me so I was lead straight to the back of the salon and into one of the treatment rooms.

For the deep cleansing facial, I had to lie down (face up obviously) on the beauty couch, and the session began with a quick analysis of my face and from sight, the beauty therapist could identify my complexion was a combination of dry and slightly oily in specific areas. She also then lightly touched a few areas around my nose and temple, and said these areas would be painful; at the time, I did not really know what she meant by this but I nodded anyway.

The first part of the treatment involved a double cleanse, which lasted a few minutes. I was then covered with towels, and left for about 10-15 minutes with a steamer blowing lightly scented warm air onto my face, to relax my skin and allow pores to open.

When the therapist came back, my face was examined closer underneath a magnifying lamp; this is when the painful part started… blackhead removal and exfoliation of dead skin cells! Oh my days it was so painful, around my nose particularly as the therapist went around my face popping spots that I did not even know were there! I might be being a little bit dramatic here, but the process was painful and quite uncomfortable to experience… whether she was actually ‘popping’ spots I would not know but that is what it felt like.

Following exfoliation, the next part of the treatment (to my relief) was some light massage and a facial scrub, which was applied like a mask. I was left for around another 5-10 minutes before the mask peeled off. I understand then that the therapist used some serums, suitable for my skin type, and some light further massage, before a sheet mask was applied for another 10 minutes or so.

In total, the deep cleaning facial lasted just over an hour.


When I left the salon, my face was a little bit red owing to the heat and exfoliation I experienced as part of the deep cleansing facial, but mostly I could not believe how smooth my nose felt, and brighter my skin looks. It seems quite random but honestly, my nose feels like it has a new shape owing to it now being free of dead skin cells and blackheads.

Deep cleansing facial

Would I Recommend having a Deep Cleansing Facial?

While no specific products got recommended at the end of my deep cleansing facial, it was however recommended that I have a facial three to four times a year. Now that I have some understanding of what is involved, and how beneficial a facial can be, it would be well worth committing. Many Brides-to-be have facials as part of their wedding prep, but I was so busy planning that I struggled to find the time. However, if you are a Bride-to-be, or maybe you have an important event or occasion coming up, a good deep cleansing facial like the one I have experienced, would certainly be worth your while to give you that extra added glow on your special day.

Have any of you ever had a facial? What are your favourite kind of beauty treatments?


Until next time x

*Book Your Lifestyle were kind enough to organise the deep cleansing facial treatment in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are entirely my own.


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