The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate Review

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

Hey Sweeties,

As you are all aware lately it’s been a struggle to keep me out of The Body Shop and you’ll remember that a couple of weeks ago when in London, I stopped by the store on Oxford street and amongst my little haul was the new Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate. Now I have had the opportunity to try it out for a couple of weeks, I thought it time to post my review and let you know what I think. So here goes.

The Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate Packaging

Firstly –starting with something obvious- I really like the packaging and the roller ball application method. It’s bright, it’s clean and it stands neatly in my bathroom cabinet taking up little space. You can of course keep it in the fridge but that would involve going all the way downstairs to get it, apply and put back before heading all the way back up. We’re talking a mere flight of stairs here Sweeties, no real effort by far but do I want to be doing that on a routine basis? No. It is actually far too much effort and sooner or later I will just forget I have it. If my bathroom backed onto my kitchen then the story would be different…probably.

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

As a product, it does the job. One pump and enough product comes out to apply under both eyes before using the roller ball tip to massage and cover the area before dabbing your ring finger lightly across to ensure it absorbs. Even without keeping it in the fridge, I find that the product remains cool so that on application it feels hydrating and calms any possible puffiness.

I have tried using the product both in the mornings and evenings but I find that if I apply in the morning post cleansing, when I come to apply makeup the product becomes a bit flaky which isn’t ideal but could just be because I am not blessed with lots of time to get ready therefore my base(s) need to set quickly. Before bed the product is fine and sits on top of my seaweed night treatment (also from The Body Shop) well.

Would I repurchase it again?

Well, although I like the Drops of Youth eye concentrate product, it’s more of a nice to have rather than something I need. If it was a tenner I wouldn’t question replacing it but £18 (for 10ml) is quite a commitment to something you don’t completely love. So no I wouldn’t rush out to buy it again, but if it was on or part of an offer then yes, why not?

I bought the product initially because my eye area I think would benefit from something. I could of course just use my normal moisturiser but as I suffer a little bit with sensitive skin, I have to be a bit careful otherwise my eyes get all weepy. My current moisturiser is fine for everywhere else, but a separate eye cream is definitely still on the list. The search continues.

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