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For me, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without these Christmas movies –


It’s the obvious Christmas movie at the top of everyone’s favourite Christmas movies list, and I know it’s one of my besties fave films, but I have only in the last couple of years got on-board. Sounds crazy but a couple of days ago while watching Love Actually and joining in with the GRLPOWRCHRISTMAS chat on Twitter, I discovered a couple of people who had never seen that film before so it is possible to not see films that everyone else in the universe has.

Elf is a very naive way of looking at the world and highlights subconsciously so much we take for granted…like the power of smiling has on others for example. One of my favourite parts of the film is when Buddy has just arrived in New York City and he sees a café selling ‘the world’s best coffee’ and he goes in to congratulate them. Fundamentally the film is about belonging, and the power a bit of optimisation and belief has in the world to make things happen. For today’s audience, I think it’s the perfect Christmas movie to inject some excitement in everyone for the holiday season.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet Christmas Carol was introduced into the family mix of Christmas films in my mid-late teens I think and for me it’s a bit like Disney animations, despite being nearly thirty years’ old I still find an enormous amount of pleasure and comfort in them, and the same for the Muppets. This is a simple retelling of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carrol for a younger (Muppet-loving) audience and I love it!

Christmas movies

Love Actually

I watched this for the first time not only this year (I reckon there’s likely to be a second viewing before Christmas), but also since Alan Rickman passed away (man, that was a shit day) earlier this week. When Heath Ledger passed away it took me years to watch ‘Ten Things I Hate about You’ because it just broke me and I thought I would be the same about Alan Rickman and Love Actually. But it wasn’t so bad.

Anyway, this is just a brilliantly written and executed film with an incredible cast and an incredible script that just brings each story that runs through the film to life. I get that some people will watch Love Actually and not really see the genius in some of the humour, such as when John head-butts Judy’s nipple, or the pain staking attention Rufus (the jewellery salesman) takes in gift wrapping, or even really see the pain in the storyline between Sarah and Karl owing to her mentally ill brother… and I kinda’ feel for those people.

The Snowman (and Snow dog)

Every single Christmas Eve throughout my childhood consisted of being read three stories and watching three films before lights out to await Santa’s arrival (read my Holiday Nostalgia post from last year). The Snowman was of course one of the three films and while I still adore the original version, the newer release involving the Snow Dog is just brilliant. I always forget how much it makes me cry so I silently sit on the sofa trying to hide my tears –having experienced what it’s like to lose dogs in the past, and also the joy they bring, this animation just gets me Every. Single. Time… but in a good way.

My favourite Christmas TV always begins with the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special (because it’s just excellent and I’m a huge G&S fan!); Call the Midwife on Christmas Day; and I always look forward to getting the TV guide a week or so in advance and highlighting everything I want to watch and/or record.

What are your favourite Christmas movies and TV to watch?

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