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I’m not yet in the position where my content is highly requested, but a post on my makeup brushes has been asked for by a couple of friends and it also completes my series of posts that has looked at areas of my makeup collection (foundations, lips, eyes, blushers, highlighters) in detail.

I do agree that I have a lot of makeup brushes, but much like makeup (which some could say that I also have too much of), they seem to just accumulate almost by accident. If you’re someone that alternates between several eye looks, then I do think it helps to have several brushes that you can assign to each of those looks to prevent the constant demand to keep washing them. But each to their own, eh?

Makeup brushes

Real Techniques –

Without any kind of doubt, Real Techniques are the best brand available for makeup brushes on the high street and I would highly recommend them, particularly if you are new to makeup and/or looking to purchase a couple of starter set makeup brushes. I own three of the sets –the core collection, the starter collection and the limited edition Sculpting set. I also own the blusher brush which I purchased separately and use every single day. All the brushes pick up and distribute product really well and wash nicely.

The only two brushes I have had problems with however are the Expert Face Brush and the Buffing Brush. The Expert Face Brush after a while, no matter how many times I wash it, has lost its softness and now just feels a bit clogged; and the buffing brush while being fantastic to use to apply foundation, started malting which is such a shame. However, for the price, the Real Techniques makeup brushes are great quality and value.

If you’re looking for good dupes, TK MAXX always usually have stock and you’ll recognise them instantly.

makeup brushes - real techniques

Nanshy –

I was lucky enough to win the Masterful collection that contained all of the makeup brushes and it’s a fantastic set that I would again highly recommend. These brushes are also cruelty free. For a full review, I need to take you back to the original post I wrote in December, here.

Nanshy Masterful Collection makeup brushes

Sigma Sigmax Kabuki Kit

These were the first makeup brushes that I properly invested in and I haven’t looked back, although I would still class them as perfectly affordable. I am not a makeup artist and therefore arguably I don’t need a professional set of tools, but if makeup and good application is important to you, then I think Sigma are your brand. Again I have done a separate review of these which you can find here.

Sigma Sigmax Kabuki kit

Best of the rest

Wet ‘N Wild –This fabulous little eye brush I purchased in America last autumn, and in my American Haul post (here), I said that I regretted not picking up more from the range.

Look Good Feel Better – I first discovered this brand within one of my Look Fantastic beauty boxes (here) and while the eye brush is perfectly okay, I later purchased the contour brush in TK MAXX which I use every day to blend out my bronzer and it’s brilliant. Definitely worth checking out if you come across them anywhere. All proceeds go towards a great cause too!

Lottie –I know people everywhere go wild over this brand for the pretty rainbow colours their makeup brushes come in, and while I do like this eye makeup brush that I again got in a recent beauty box, I need to try more of the range before I can confidently recommend them to you myself. But it is a very pretty looking brush.

Makeup brushes

What are your favourite makeup brushes?

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