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So far, call it premature if you will, but 2016 is opening up to be a year of achieving personal happiness and less about all the other things, most of them materialistic. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll possibly have noticed that following a lengthy wardrobe sorting session at the weekend, I decided quite abruptly to just not buy any more clothes for as long as possible, terminating after a final January sales haul. I don’t feel I am in a position yet where I want a wardrobe of key pieces, I still enjoy regularly updating my look with items that don’t break the bank and if this means those items don’t last very long or are worn only a few times, this is ok. My problem is I am at the point where I have thrown out all I can and am reluctant to throw something else out for the sake of allowing myself something new. My short-term solution is to just stop purchasing for a while, wear what I already have and then it’ll be more clear what doesn’t leave the hanger. I did also sort of extend this ban to beauty product purchasing as well except for things I genuinely run out of, but I think I need to adapt this claim to just think more sensibly before I hit the tills at Boots/Superdrug etc.

So back to my Happiness Jar.

Happiness Jar

Writer and author Elizabeth Gilbert (the gal that penned Eat, Pray, Love) recently posted on her Facebook page about her Happiness Jars that instantly appealed to me. While I don’t particularly like following trends or anything that seems too gimmicky, this one seemed perfect for 2016 and so, so simple to do. In short, each day I write down 1 happy thought on a piece of paper and put it into my Happiness Jar. I can leave all the notes in there, never to look at them again, or I can pick a couple out at random when I’m feeling not so positive, and/or I can look at them all at the end of the year and reflect on 365 happy moments experienced throughout 2016. There are no rules.

My vessel of happiness is a jar I picked up ages ago from TK Maxx and until housing my happy thoughts, housed un-burnt tea light candles. I love that it has a big heart on the front, it literally couldn’t be more perfect as a Happiness Jar.

My Happiness Jar

2016 -the biggest thing for me this year is getting married and transitioning into a wife, leaving behind the young woman I have known so wholly for 28 years. While I don’t envision much changing, I do lose my surname and become associated with a new family, I also go from a ‘Miss’ to a ‘Mrs’ which will sound strange when said aloud.

Happiness elsewhere exists in my body and mind, in my attempts at eating an almost 100% vegan diet and my commitment to ensuring I keep my body active and fit through gym workouts, classes, yoga & hiking as best as I can. 2016 is all about enjoyment too, regular trips & adventures, my relationships and friendships.

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