New Natural Skin Care from Peachy Fox Marine Collagen Eye Gel Review

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So I don’t know if you recently knew that I turned 30 years old (because I definitely haven’t been mentioning it on here or my social channels), but I did and while I am still regarded as ‘young’, I am not twenties young anymore which means I need to start adapting certain things to better suit this new age and time of life. I am soon to do a post more about my daily skin care routine, but a new element I have introduced is a product that specifically targets my under-eye area. In the past 10 years, I have been really good with cleansing and moisturising daily, but eye creams have been a bit hit and miss; they just haven’t been all that necessary… until now!

Peachy Fox Marine Collagen Eye Gel Review

Peachy Fox Marine Collagen Eye Gel

Who is Peachy Fox?

Peachy Fox is a (new) London-based natural skincare brand, whose mission is to ‘provide stunningly clean products that really do what they say on the bottle‘. You guys know how much I love my natural skin care so Peachy Fox is right up my street.

So, what does it say on the bottle?

The Peachy Fox Marine Collagen Eye Gel* claims to ‘help reduce dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles’. Fortunately, I don’t yet suffer from dark circles and wrinkles, but they can be occasionally puffy, particularly over the summer months when my eyes are extra sensitive. Ultimately, any eye product I use from now on needs to be cooling, and keep the area hydrated.

Peachy Fox Marine Collagen Eye Gel

Peachy Fox Marine Collagen Eye Gel


Firstly I really like the gel formula and you need only a small pump of the product to adequately apply underneath the eye area; definitely one of the positives about eye creams and gels is that they often last a really long time because you need so little on each use. I take a tiny pea sized amount and lightly dab on my under eye area and give it a couple of minutes to absorb before I begin applying makeup. The gel formula means it takes slightly longer to fully absorb than a cream formula would, but we’re still only talking a couple of minutes so, by the time you come to apply foundation and the rest of your makeup, you’ll be fine to do so.

As for results, as I mentioned earlier I don’t (currently) suffer from dark circles and wrinkles, and only light puffiness so how I view the product might be different from someone who does, but overall I really like the Peachy Fox Marine Collagen Eye Gel. The product is cooling on the skin and considering how well it absorbs, I can’t foresee how it wouldn’t be doing good.

The Marine Collagen Eye Gel can be purchased for £12.97 on Amazon.

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*PR sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


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