My Post Wedding Blues

Hey Sweeties,

So this past week or two, I’ve had a case of the Wedding Blues which comes as a surprise to be honest 6 weeks after my wedding. Reading about this prior to the big day, I thought I was going to be one of the lucky ones as while our day was everything we wanted, it was so stressful to organise that I wanted to see the back of it to be honest. Other brides having experienced post wedding blues, seem to be sad that the day is over, whereas for me, I am sad about the aftermath.

Straight after the wedding, Ian and I took ourselves away to the Peak District for a few days and while it was lovely, it wasn’t long enough. We’re in the process of planning our Honeymoon which we are hoping to book for a similar time next year, but I just feel the whole newlywed bubble burst far too soon. I am not saying that we’re not totally delighted at being married, we are, but I thought my mood would be flying higher than it is right now on the back of the best day of our lives.

Wedding Day

One of my most favourite images captured of the day! Credit: @Letpatt

I really hate Facebook and I have to wonder if this is what has brought on some of the blues? Most of my friends and acquaintances on the popular platform who have got married, either recently or in the past, seem to have so much more hype surrounding their day by their friends. Photos of the day get shared in abundance, status updates declare excitement about the day before the event, and afterwards saying how fantastic it was. I don’t really feel anyone did that for me. Of course people liked a couple of the photos that got uploaded by guests, but I can’t remember a lot else. This is by no means a dig at my/our friends, as everyone I have spoken to since my wedding who attended, sad it was a fantastic day and just attending meant the world to me… but they just didn’t declare their enjoyment about the day for my entire friend list to see. I am also just observing that while feeling blue, seeing other people’s special days and the reactions by their friends might be adding to my woes. But in contradiction, I am unwilling to share too much about my day on social media, and even on here (ClaireySweetie) myself as the day is an immensely private affair reserved for close friends and family to share in.  But this doesn’t just apply to weddings, this applies to my whole life; last week I wrote about my un-comfort at seeing too many children online (here) and thus will not be sharing any pictures of my future children on social media. But we get so caught up with our special announcements and occasions being hyped up, liked and shared on social media that it fundamentally ruins the moment long term if it didn’t achieve enough of a reaction by others.

Fundamentally, I am just being silly but equally, the wedding blues are making me feel a bit jealous and rubbish about other peoples’ days and I mostly have social media to thank for this. If I wasn’t so aware of what I perceive to be a lack of content about my day, I am not sure I would be feeling quite so low? Overall though, your wedding day goes by so blimmin’ fast that it’s all over before you know it, which is why photos of the day are so important to a couple afterwards so they can see things they might have missed, as well as seeing photos of themselves and others enjoying the day.

Wedding Blues

Credit: Workhorse Weddings

So what do I need to do to feel happier? In the short term, I need to print a ton of our wedding photos and get them framed and put into albums. I need to change my work screen saver to one of my favourite photos and maybe stick a couple around my desk also. I need to not let other people’s highlight reels on social media affect me so much, and I need to look forward to a really exciting summer of lots of family get-togethers, and trips away with friends…. And let’s be honest, who knows how long until two become three and our couple time suddenly becomes so much rarer.

Anyone else suffered or suffering from some post wedding blues? What have you done to cheer yourself up a bit?



  1. Sophie 17th May 2016 / 2:00 pm

    LOVE these photos, looks like a perfect day – you gorgeous bride!

    Sophie x

    • Claire 17th May 2016 / 2:20 pm

      Ahh thank you, it really was 🙂

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