Rimmel London Sculpting Palette Review | Blogmas Day 6

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I’ve got to be honest, I generally don’t buy multi-palettes, particularly from the high street, but following seeing some good reviews of the Rimmel London¬†Sculpting palette, I bought one for myself… quite out of character/purchasing habits but sometimes you do these things! I actually purchased this sculpting palette over the summer and used it throughout, and even now we’re in (let’s be honest) winter, it’s still a favourite.

Rimmel London Sculpting palette

As packaging goes, this is a pretty neat, stylish and compact little product; I love the (rose) gold design to the lid of the casing and that each section of the sculpting palette¬†is at a slant, rather than squared off. Aesthetically, it is very pleasing to the eye! If it’s not obvious from the photos, the sculpting palette contains: a highlight illuminator, a bronzer, and a blush.

Rimmel London Sculpting palette

Rimmel London Sculpting palette

In the image above, I’ll admit I’ve firmly pressed my fingers into the sculpting palette to get a good swatch of the highlight, bronzer and blush… but the pigment of each is actually incredible and need very little effort to see. The first time I dabbed my contour brush into the bronzer to sculpt out my cheeks, I drew a big brown line on my face which to be honest shocked me. However, it blends out beautifully so if you’re someone that likes a strong contour, you’ll love this! See below-

Rimmel London sculpting palette

Before blending (I have all three products on here)

Rimmel London sculpting palette

All three blended.

What I particularly love about this sculpting palette, is how glowy it makes your skin, regardless if it’s summer or winter, day or night; each of the products has the slightest of shimmer that just works with skin beautifully.

Do you have a favourite sculpting palette?

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