Trek America: My Say Yes Tour & The Beginning of a New Adventure

Hey Sweeties,

As you are reading this I am somewhere in Los Angeles having just begun my Westerner 2 tour with Trek America; 14 days of sightseeing and travelling up and back the west coast of America, visiting LA, San Diego, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park & San Francisco amongst many other destinations in between, before returning to LA and flying home.

I hope as you’re reading this, all pre-trip nerves were left at Heathrow and I am now with my fellow group of trekkers, wondering what the hell I was so worried about. I can only predict that being driven to the airport yesterday morning was hugely distressing and Ian no doubt left me in tears, but I hope that once I got through the doors, I gave myself a good slap and made myself see the amazing Trek America adventure I am about to embark on, and not to fear it.

Trek America

When I told people about my Trek America trip and that I am going solo, the word for the most part used to describe me was ‘brave’ and I guess it kind of is. Some people struggled to come to terms as to a) why have I chosen to go alone when I have a boyfriend (sorry, fiancé) and B) that Ian only but encouraged me to do this trip, not once has he objected. When I said a year ago that I felt this is what I needed to do, he told me to go and do it. I am on this trip to do something selfishly for myself before I walk down the aisle, to experience something on my own. Beyond the odd trip with the Girl Guides (a very long time ago now), I have never been on holiday by myself, and I don’t want to live my life having never done this. Although I feel different now, I was in a bit of a different place a year ago and this trip I saw as a solution. Read my original post on why I booked myself onto this trip here.

Bizarrely, until this moment, I have been unable to view this Trek America trip as a holiday, instead it has built up in my head like this massive challenge I am having to conquer rather than enjoy. There is no doubt elements will be challenging, the main one being I think adjusting to a new group of people, hoping and praying we all get on. We’ll piss each other off at times, we’re only human after all but I hope that might just be because we’re a bit cranky and it’ll pass after some food or a nap, and not because group politics has taken over.

Anyway, enough dwelling. So what am I hoping to take from this Trek America vacation?

I want some new friendships-

I don’t mind if they don’t last forever, but I want to be able to meet up again with my fellow Trekkers in the future and re-live what I hope was the most amazing trip of my life. If we don’t remain friends after the tour, it’s not the end of the world.

I want to see America-

As you know I have already visited New York and Las Vegas before, but I have been desperate to visit California for a long time. Pilling into a mini-van with a bunch of like-minded people, trundling up & back the west coast, seeing the sights all tourists see, and some they don’t, sounds perfect. I just hope I don’t get travel sick.

Beauty Shopping-

Amazingly, despite three prior trips to the States, I have not been to a Sephora, or an Ulta or Target… hopefully fourth time lucky, eh?!


I want to come home sick of pancakes with whipped cream and fruit smothered in syrup. Who cares if I put on a couple of pounds? It’s a holiday!

Find Me-

But most importantly, I want to discover a new part of me that I haven’t met before and who I hope will stick around after.

Let’s see!

Until next time x


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