Veganuary | Week 4 -Meeting Deliciously Ella

Hey Sweeties,

So here we are, all those participating in Veganuary have made it to the end –hurrah!

If you read my last Veganuary post (week’s 2&3), you’ll have read that on Saturday I was going to be meeting Ella Woodward and that my friends, is understandably this week’s highlight –meeting Deliciously Ella.

Before buying Deliciously Ella’s first book (review here), I would never have really known or understood how to live on a plant-based diet without just consuming tons and tons of vegetables. I wouldn’t have learnt about the different plant milks (although I had purchased almond milk a couple of years previously when on shakes diet during the summer); I wouldn’t have understood the benefits of various nuts and seeds, and overall how to replace the things my body would be otherwise missing. That all being said, you can imagine my excitement for the release of her second book, Deliciously Ella Every Day and it made sense to try and time the purchasing of her book with a signing so I could meet her. Looking at the scheduled book tour, the only opportunity to me was in Harrods, London.

Cutting a long story short, I totally fangirled when I met Ella and she was as friendly and lovely as she comes across in the media, on her blog etc. Rather than say how much I love her book, I thought I would instead congratulate her on her upcoming wedding (one Bride to another ‘n all) and she then asked me about mine and it turns out our weddings are both in April! Stay tuned in a couple of weeks when I review her new book on here once I’ve had a chance to try out some of her recipes.

Deliciously Ella Every Day

Deliciously Ella

Since becoming vegan, there is no doubt that I am suited to a plant-based diet, my body doesn’t miss meat and thrives on vegetables and the like and exploring the journey has in many ways given me a new found enjoyment for food preparation and recipe discovery. I also feel great both in body and mind (despite wedding stress, but that aside). To be fair, my diet changes haven’t been dramatic so my body hasn’t suddenly had to cope with a sudden change of diet. I haven’t missed cheese, my sweet tooth has definitely calmed and dare I say I feel better on the inside. While I don’t believe everything I read, there is a lot out there now on the benefits of living meat and dairy free (see this Cowspiracy infographic for example).

Going forward, I now live a 90% vegan lifestyle –that 10% allows me the flexibility to not deny myself the odd non-vegan treat if I feel I want it or if I’m in a situation where I cannot avoid eating something with dairy in it. And as I’ve said previously, while I care for bees, I still eat honey (but mostly I have now replaced this for maple syrup). Ultimately, I’m doing this because I enjoy it and not because I think eating animals and animal products wrong.

Have any of you bought either or both of the Deliciously Ella books?

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