Completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks

Hey Sweeties,

I completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks –yippee!

It was an extremely tough event, both physically but more so mentally and I’ll be honest, despite on reflection being really proud of myself and glad I participated, I didn’t enjoy it on the day as much as I thought I would. The first 10 miles or so were fine and after the first peak we were all like, “this will be easy” but as the ‘walk’ progressed we realised it wasn’t going to be quite the walk in the park like we thought.

Ready to set off!

Ready to set off!

Many years ago now, when I was a wee teen, I completed the Ten Tors –a 35, 45 or 55 mile expedition across Dartmoor covering (you guessed it) 10 tors. Unfortunately when I was training, Foot and Mouth swept across the countryside wiping out practically everything as well as access to the moors therefore the event that year was cancelled. So when I should have been training and completing the 45 mile expedition, I actually in the end did only the 35 but it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life to date! It was so much fun and I met some great people, it was just a totally fab experience. Fast forward 10 years and although I am still as enthusiastic for such events, my body isn’t and it reminded me of this over the 3 Peaks weekend. I haven’t got the best knees and going up and down incredibly steep terrain really wasn’t the most pleasant of times. Come the 3rd peak two of us had kind of had enough and just wanted to go home as we were in a lot of discomfort so limped the last couple of hours to the finish by which point we were so stiff it was agony to do anything.

The first peak loomed but was a mere breeze compared to Peaks 2&3!

The first peak loomed but was a mere breeze compared to Peaks 2&3!


Enroute to Whernside (2nd Peak) which is covered by the cloud

But I still did it; I still climbed each of the Yorkshire Three Peaks and all within the 12 hour target. The team set off at 06:33am and crossed the finish line between 5-5:30pm so probably close to just under 11 hours from start to finish which is a long time! We rarely stopped and if we did it was to grab a quick breather for 5 minutes before continuing so it was all in all, a very long day of walking. I thought to be honest we’d be home a lot sooner but I completely did not appreciate the scale of the peaks which are not just big hills, they are in fact small mountains and also I am not quite as spritely in my energy as I was during my Ten Tor days! Would I do the event again? Probably not. My heart still says yes but I have to listen to my body. If I had the moors or the dales on my doorstep then things would be different as I would be used to the terrain but around here in the south east, there is nothing of the sort to train on so even with the best intentions it’s just not a practical event to do again without better preparation.

Yorkshire Dales


On a far happier note, for my efforts I raised an amazing £215 for the British Heart Foundation, a total I never thought I would achieve but I had some fantastic support from friends, family and colleagues that donated generously and if you’re reading this now thank you! I apologise that the experience isn’t something I can be jollier about but on I keep it real and the truth is that the Yorkshire Three Peaks was a very tough challenge!

1st peak

2nd Peak

3rd Peak

That now completes though my two summer challenges that I set for myself earlier this year and have now achieved –go me! Despite the bruising (I am definitely going to lose a toe nail in the near future!), I achieved my goals and got fitter, lost weight and raised a decent amount of money for two great causes –Yateley Hockey Club and the BHF. It just goes to show that if you set your mind to something and you’re dedicated, you can achieve anything! Go for it, Sweeties!!

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