Avril Lavigne & I – A Relationship that’s Anything but Complicated

Hey Sweeties,

Complicated – 2002

When I was introduced to Avril Lavigne in 2002, it was complicated but she crashed into my life at a time when I needed some guidance, mostly with finding my own style, my own voice and something to hone my rebellious streak to. I was beginning to notice myself changing, I started being conscious of boys and how I appeared to others, I wanted to be different and exist on my own terms which at school was a struggle when they wanted you all uniformed and the same. It was this time that I discovered body piercings and black eyeliner…my school Loved me (not!); Avril Lavigne sang songs about adolescence and female empowerment, I was hooked!

Under my Skin – 2004

A year or two later, I was entering a dark place getting darker… I didn’t know why, but I was sad and felt that no one understood me. This is a common teenage feeling I know but this was darker, this was the D-word and it came and went for several years following. In 2004 Lavigne moved into a more gothic phase and style of fashion which I followed her into. Listening to Under My Skin in the car, Mum turned to me and commented that “this (Who Knows) was a good song” as tomorrow really is a brand new day. By writing an album anchoring her lyrics to a theme of a deep and personal kind, Avril Lavigne had reached out to me. For the first time song lyrics really spoke to me and I was gripped with every word of every song for hours; I loved that album!

“Who knows what could happen,  Do what you do just keep on laughing, one thing’s true,  there’s always a brand new day.  I’m gonna live today like it’s my last day”

The Best Damn Thing – 2007

Seeing Avril Lavigne perform for the first time (June 4th 2008) really was The Best Damn Thing! I was living in London now, in the big wide world on my own, still tipping on the scales between ok and not ok. I was growing up, learning who I was and trying desperately to shake away my feelings of insecurity and depression at the same time. The Best Damn Thing was a fun, care free album, perfect for what I needed. Watching her at the o2 squashed in a sea of fans, Avril asked us who had been with her from the start? I screamed “ME”! All those silly teeny boppers around me screamed too… Little liars! Avril was amazing, I wanted to be her. 

Goodbye Lullaby – 2011

At least once in our lives, we lose a great love. Avril’s marriage to Deryck (Whibley) ended and my relationship of 4 years broke around the same time too. Goodbye Lullaby, Avril’s 4th record released in 2011, was a mixture of mourning and moving on… I was just over my last relationship and ready, finally to welcome in a new one. What the Hell was about letting go of single independence and becoming part of something else, something new, something mature.


So where am I now? It’s approaching the end of 2013 and I have become really proud of who I am and confident in my journey so far and where it is leading me… I haven’t been struck down with the D-word for a couple of years and everything is moving forward, if I was a singer, I think I too at this time would have a self titled album so it’s only right that Avril Lavigne does too, she’s earned it.

We’ve come a long way, her and I.

Don’t let me go, Avril.

Avril Lavigne


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